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Welcome to the Fabes&Nina Wiki

This is a wiki for Fabina. We want this to be a place where everyone can chat and let their feelings out about Fabina. If you're confused, just message any of the admins if you need any help. Fabina is the couple of Fabian and Nina. Alot of characters supported Fabina, especially Amber. We want Fabina to get back together and we need Fabina to be together

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Needs Work

Here, I post an article that needs major help. This week, it is Fabina! We need as much detail as possible on this page!

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This week's User of the Week is Jeminali. She is our new chat mod! Congratulations, keep up the good work.

Quote of the week

"You genius, genius girl!" -Fabian Rutter

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BelgiumHelper BelgiumHelper 4 August 2013

Need help

Visit my wiki! I need an admin and some members of the wikia soon!

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DanBing DanBing 27 May 2013

New Admin!

It's come to that time, an admin has left and we need to search for a new admin. If you got what it takes, apply here.

May the odds be ever in your fa…

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DanBing DanBing 23 March 2013

Wiki Resurrection

We need to get people interested in this wiki again! If anyone has any ideas on how to improve, please comment and contact me!

DanBing :D

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DanBing DanBing 9 March 2013

Fixing this Wiki

Ok, everyone. Let me get straight to the point. We need to fix this wiki big time.

This poll will be effective immediately at the end of the weekend.


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