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Fabicia (Fab/ian and Patr/icia) is the pairing of Fabian Rutter and Patricia Williamson . This pairing can be romantic or friendship, but for the most part they are only friends. They seem to be close friends.

In the first episode, the two seemed to be quite close to one another, although this changed when Fabian became friends with Nina; Patricia didn't like Nina at first, so she was angry at Fabian's hospitality towards Nina. As the anger continues, Fabian called her a witch, which she didn't like at all.

Patricia asks Fabian when he became Nina's friend instead of hers, obviously hurt of his abandonment and confused. Both of them became good friends again when Patricia joined Sibuna. However, she is now okay with it because he is friends with her again. They are seen next to each other in many challanges the Sibuna's 

Fabian was happy, although Patricia told him not to. In the Season one finale, he asks Patricia who she's going to the dance with to avoid asking Nina, leading to people thinking he wanted to ask Patricia to the dance . She smiled when Fabian and Nina had an argument even though she is good friends with both (Hint of liking him). So this pairing maybe will become canon since their not dating anyone, but they still have feelings for Eddie/Nina.

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