Fabian Rutter is one of the main characters of "House of Anubis" and one half of the lovely Fabina! He is currently single, as he and Nina broke up in Season 3. He is protrayed by Brad Kavanagh.

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About FabianEdit

Fabian is the only one who stood up for Nina when she first arrived at Anubis House. Nina Martin & Fabian will always love each other.

Fabian was Nina's only friend from the beginning of the series, and the only one who stood up for her when Patricia Williamson started to bully and insult her for something she didn't do. He often went to the attic with Nina to find clues about the hidden treasure in the "House of Anubis". He along with Nina and Amber Millington were the only ones who went or even know that they go on regular trips to the attic to try to find clues about the supposedly hidden treasure in the house. They also started a club, Sibuna, trying to figure out the mystery and saying that whatever snooping they do must be kept a secret. In the fire of sacrifice he's forced by Amber to burn his autographed copy of "The Solar System is Your Friend." In her diary, Nina described Fabian as "geek chic" and "sweet." It is evidenced that he has a crush on Nina and insists that he wasn't close to Joy "that way" like Patricia Williamson implies. In the series one finale, they kiss after becoming Prom King and Queen. In series two, they're a couple. Eventually, after a misunderstanding, they break up but get back together in the series two finale.

Fabian's LifeEdit

In the beginning of the series, Patricia started making Nina's life in Anubis House miserable. Fabian then started to hang out with Patricia less and less as a result. She then started to give Nina and Fabian both a hard time for sneaking about and whispering to each other. Fabian just told Nina to ignore her. Later on, Patricia joined Sibuna and he seemed to be okay about it. In Season 2, we learned that he can't dance. He seems to be a pushover as he is not able to stand up for himself, and lets other people control him. He also seems to have no backbone and after Nina's Gran told him to step up his game, Fabian didn't realize he had a game to step up. He and Nina got back together in the Season 2 finale.


Nina MartinEdit

(2011-2012; Best Friend, Ex-Girlfriend)

Fabian was nice to Nina when she first came to Anubis House. Nina trusted him when she told him about Sarah and the mystery.