Eddie Miller (born Edison Sweet) is a main character from "House of Anubis". Eddie was the only one to know that Nina Martin left. 

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Eddie is a new character who was introduced in Season 2. He is a bad boy and has been expelled from many schools. He is play by Burkely Duffield.


Jerome ClarkeEdit

(2012-present; Friend)

Nina MartinEdit

(2012-present; Friend, Protector)

Nina flirts with Eddie to make Fabian jealous. He is her protector.

(See: Neddie)

Joy MercerEdit

(2012-present; Friend)

Fabian RutterEdit

(2012-present; Roommate, Good Friend)

Fabian didn't like Eddie at first. He didn't like Eddie's style of music. But then after a while they became good friends.

(See: Feddie)

Patricia WilliamsonEdit

(2012-present; Ex-Rival, Girlfriend, Ex-Friends)

Patricia and Eddie first met when she bumped into him in the lounge.


  • His nickname is Eddie Kruger (which was a name Patricia said when he came into the Anubis house).
  • His dad is Mr Sweet.