Amber Millington is a full Fabina shipper. She was the one who made them together. She's the one that tries to stop Joy Mercer from breaking up Fabina and when there's a problem with Fabina she the girl to fix it. Her boyfriend is Alfie Lewis and her ex-boyfriend is Mick Campbell. Her best friend is Nina Martin.

In the second episode of Season 1, Amber thinks Fabian and Nina are going on a date. Amber asks and they reply "no" Amber says "Whatever". Nina makes up lie saying her and Fabian went on a date, Amber says she keep it a secret but lies and tells Mick.

In Season 3, Amber leaves in the episode "House of Trickery / House of Unity" to go to fashion school.


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Nina MartinEdit

(2011-2012, Best Friend, Ex-Roommates)

Amber and Nina became best friends after Amber switched rooms with Patricia Williamson.

Fabian RutterEdit

(2011-2013; Friend)

Amber and Fabian became really close when they created Sibuna together with Nina.