This page is for the waiting list. If any admin quits or we need a new one, you can be admin! Here is the list, so far:

  • Yet to be determined

Rules To Be An Admin

  • You must make quality edits, and have been on the wiki a while to be considered.
  • If you get a warning while on the admin list, you will be taken off and the next user will be put in your place.
  • You must be on the site often.
  • You must be respectful and helpful towards other users.
  • You must know about Fabina.
  • You should know your way around the wiki.

If you would like to be on this list leave a comment below. Also, if you want to suggest another user as admin, please comment below.


The Admins: Tori334, DanBing, Houseofanubisfan & HouseOfSpongeBobNick.